Results for target and mouseover Edit

I personally verified that both target and mouseover did return a non-zeo result for friendly targets before I made my changes, so unless Blizzard changed something between yesterday morning and now, I dont believe the last edit is valid. I'll re-verify this evening before changing anything back though, just in case I was mistaken.

-- Flickering 12:50, 27 Dec 2004 (EST)

Sorry, I have edited it so fast (before testing it on everything I can find), because it was confusing people on the WoW forums not getting their mods fo work. I personally don't check this site often.

Ok, edit again: You were completely right with your documentation, sorry again. But I do also have misread the part, that it does only work on player characters..... You did a nice job here :)

Now I have reports from one of the IRC channel that it works on hostile players in the Korean beta, will have to check this tommorow... I thought I tried this, but he has made a screenshot with a working version of target distance on a hostile player.

-- Meog

No problem, as long as it ends up correct after everything else. I've heard reports that it USED to work for non-friendly-PC targets in the US beta, but that blizzard figured out that was a bit too unbalancing and closed the hole.

-- Raskal 11. Jul 2006

Is there a reason why Blizzard disables this function in instances? This would be invaluable for any healer to find the current target (I even wrote an addon that displays an icon on the minimap and THEN found out that it doesn't work in instances =( )

  • It's not disabled in instances; it just only does exactly what it says: get your map position. In instances where you have a map, e.g. Northrend instances, it works. In instances where you don't have a map, e.g. Classic instances, it does not. When you have no map, you have no map position. --Reality Engineer (talk) 06:41, January 19, 2010 (UTC)

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