I was searching for this for some time, but wasn't able to find anything specific. I wonder how links work. I know, most *ItemLink() functions return something like "|c<colorcode>|Hitem:a:b:c:d|h[item name]|h|r". |c seems self-explanatory, but what other control codes do exist? And I'm especially interested in item identification, which looks like a:b:c:d. What do these numbers mean? -- Fov

I don't know specifics Edit

About item:x:x:x:x but the first set of numbers is basically the item's ID, another set (2nd or 3rd I think) represents enchant and/or other modifications to the item. Not entirely sure what the 4th set is for but I think its used for items like Dazzling blade of the xxxxxxx (eagle, agility, bear, etc). So the first set would point to "Dazzling blade" and I Think! the fourth set would point to "of the eagle".

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