I found that the addon can't change Action bar page in Combat, that's a bad news.

I am a priest, I want to define one Key on two spell. For example, when my target is an enemy, I wanna use "Mind Blaster" when press "V"; while if my target is a friend, I want to cast "Great heal" when press "V".

I used to use GroupButtons to get satisfied, and now, GB no longer updated, and I have to rewrite "priestbar" for me. Now this change make me sad, ActionBarPage can only be changed when out of combat, why Blizzard do it? And what can I use now?

Macros can still page in combat Edit

/changeactionbar and /swapactionbar Figure you've probably solved this by now, but just in case anybody else reading this gets confused. --Depherios (talk) 15:28, 8 July 2008 (UTC)

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