Monóri in Tales of the Past II

Monori silverleaf

Monóri in tales of the past III

Monóri is the Night Elven leader of the archers in the Battle of Khaz Modan in Tales of the Past II. She pleads with Serphentos to stop his reckless hatred of the orcs and call off the battle, but he refuses, so she has no choice but to fight.

In Tales of the Past III, Monóri leads a decoy group to Darnassus in an attempt to draw away the Undead scourge from Jaina who was taking the book to Orgrimmar. On their way, Arthas attacks them and kills Monóri. Before dying she tells Arthas that he's a fool and that none of them carried the book, to which he reveals to her, he wasn't after the book, he was after her. Towards the end of the movie Monóri comes out as a Death Knight leading the Undead scourge against the alliance in Blasted Lands.

The actor and owner of Monóri Silverleaf is Patrick Weygan Friis from Denmark. The character is located on the European realm: Dunemaul.