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Blazer Edit

Blazer is a Human Rogue of the guild Eden Aurorae, he is one of the main characters in the popular Tales of the Past WoW Machinima series created by Martin Falch. In which he and his gnome mage companion Yimo attempt to stop a full scale war between the Horde and the Alliance.

After defeating Mograine in a furious battle in Northrend wich cost the life of numerous of Blazer's friends, Blazer becomes The fabled Ashbringer after and Epic training journey wich he got from Mograine himself and eventually he even had to kill him (Mograine) and with that become the wielder of the Ashbringer himself. In a later stage he defeats with the help of Jaina Proudmoore and Thrall the Warchief of the Horde, Arthas The Lich King in a final epic battle to save Azeroth.

The voice actor who portrays Blazer in the series is Irishman Nick Shaw.

Memorable Quotes Edit

  • (In Thainor's Dungeon) "Hah, well for his benefit, I'm sure hoping he isn't paying too much for ths place, you know what I mean?"
  • (Captured by Stormwind Guards) "Aw, bollocks... Ahk, Lieutenant, uh, how's yourself there, man? Ehm.. I-I'm afraid you got a bit mixed up here, with all these words, all these shenanigans you're coming off with. "Hereby arrested" and "high treason" and all that malarkey. We were just going to the local inn and got ourselves a little bit lost and then.. Then what? What's all this about? No really, officer. I mean, come on."
  • (After Yimo's accidental teleport to Karazhan) "I've got one question for you, Yimo...and if you wouldn't mind tellin' me... where in the hell is my hat?!"
  • (After Yimo's fight) "Arh, well, I can't see that mage anywhere around. Heh-- evidently my fearsome appearance was enough to make him flee in terror!"
  • (At Yimo's funeral) "Why is a new, more deadly, foe needed for us to stop our meaningless killing of each other?"
  • (Against Leanna's attacker) "Bad call, brother."
  • (Meeting Mograine) "Well mine's better; mine's Blazer. And I'm here to kill you."
  • (To Mograine) "Just, you know, in case we're counting, I have actually killed you already once today... Are we gonna need to do this again?"
  • (To Mograine) "I, eh... I hate to break it to you man, but eh, you're not alive- you're dead. Even now when I'm saying this, like, you're still dead- just right now. I don't wanna get crossed wires."
  • (Confronting Arthas) "Arthas! God is pissed off at you, and I'm here to make you pay!"
  • (Talking to Arthas) "Yeah... And if you think that's cool, Watch this."
  • (Middle of Fighting Arthas) "I believe it's time- to reconsider that statement!"
  • (Talking to the ghost of Yimo) "Oh, you can talk. Have you found my hat, yet?"