The Battle of Khaz Modan, in Eden Aurorae's Tales of the Past II, is the climax of the story and, presumably, would have resulted in an all-out war between the Horde and the Alliance had Blazer not intervened, shattering the Orb of Vision and sharing Yimo's memories with everyone within thirty miles. Serphentos led the armies of the Alliance, and Morbid led the forces of the Horde.

Basic Battle Rundown Edit

Phase 1 - Speeches

Serphentos and an orc commander rile up their troops with inspiring speeches.

Phase 2 - The Charge

The Alliance and the Horde charge each other straight-on.

Phase 3 - The Battle

Battle is joined as the Alliance and Horde armies collide. Monori's archer fire into the fray, and undead warlocks send their dark magicks at the Alliance from behind orcish warriors. Sword meets axe and bow meets spear as the armies battle for dominance.

Phase 4 - Dragon Attack

It is unsure where the red dragon came from, naturally the Horde says the Alliance brought it and the Alliance say it was working for the Horde. However it soon attacked both armies with flaming balls of dragon fire.

Phase 5 - Shattered Orb

Blazer, arriving just in time, rushes bravely into the dragonfire released by the rampaging red, and thus submits the Orb of Vision to the only thing that can break it - the flames of a dragon. The orb is shattered, and Yimo's memories - inclusing those of Arthas, and of how he manipluated the Horde and Alliance into the war - are shared by everybody within 30 miles.

Battle Aftermath Edit

After the battle ends, the Horde and Alliance exchange apologies and forgiveness. Eden Aurorae is re-accepeted as part of the Alliance, and Alliance and Horde alike gather in Winterspring - for Yimo's funeral.

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