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Gets the icon for a Talent Specialization Tree to display. This icon may be used inline.

APB Stat Intellect - created with {{:Talent/TreeIcon|< Mage >|< Arcane>}}
APB Deathknight Blood - created with {{:Talent/TreeIcon|< Deathknight >|< Blood>}} (see notes below)
APB Deathknight Blood - created with {{:Talent/TreeIcon|< Death knight >|< Blood>}} (see notes below)
Special Notes
  • Files are case sensitive, so make sure to capitalize the first letter when using this template.
  • No space is allowed after the Tree name. This might be fixed with a trim statement. It simply has not been implemented.
  • Death Knight files have no space, whereas all related articles do have a space. This is handled by the template automatically and may be used with a space or no space (ie:Death knight or Deathknight).

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