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Neutral 32Tal'kraa
Gender Male
Race Orc
Character class Shaman
Affiliation Frostwolf Clan
Position Elder Shaman of the Frostwolves
Location Oshu'gun
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Kashur (great granddaughter)

Tal'kraa was once the Elder Shaman of the Frostwolf Clan. He passed away nearly a century prior to the creation of the Dark Portal. Mother Kashur was his great granddaughter.[1] Though he was many generations removed from her, and she had never met him, she called him simply grandfather. He visited Mother Kashur, now the elder shaman of the Frostwolves, in her dreams and demanded she take the then-young Durotan to Oshu'gun so he could see him with his own "eyes". He sensed Durotan would never be a shaman, but knew he had a great destiny and from his line salvation would come. [2]

References Edit

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