Achievement boss theflameleviathan 01 Neutral 15 Take Out Those Turrets (10 player) 10 Money achievement
Destroy a Flame Leviathan Defense Turret on Normal Difficulty.


The Combat 15 Flame Leviathan is the first boss of Ulduar.


To gain this achievement, you must be the passenger on the Salvaged Demolisher during the battle with the Combat 15 Flame Leviathan, and be shot by the driver onto the top of the Flame Leviathan to destroy a Combat 15 Leviathan Defense Turret.

Generally ranged, caster or caster hybrid classes are used for this role, as they can successfully DPS more than one turret (as movement once on top of the Leviathan is impossible, and in normal mode there are two turrets). However, in Normal mode with an experienced Ulduar group, the shutdown caused by destroying the turrets is not necessary to win the encounter, so it's entirely possible that non-caster classes may be launched for the sole purpose of getting players this achievement.

See the Flame Leviathan page for strategy regarding this encounter and the turrets.

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