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Gives you Quest:Earthen Templar. To complete this, you must collect a set of Twilight Cowl, Mantle and Robe, from the Cultists. Equip them, and then click on the Lesser Wind Stone and re-equip your helm, shoulders and chest armor (the items will be consumed in the summoning). Unless you use a Scroll: Create Signet of Beckoning (stone) to choose a specific foe, a random templar will be summoned: Azure = water; Crimson = fire; hoary = wind; Earthen Templar = stone. Allow 2-5 hours, depending on drop rates and which random templar you get) to complete.

These are easily solo-able at 80, and some classes can solo at 60. You may wish to complete this alongside the quest chain starting with Huum Wildmane that sends you to Aurel Goldleaf to collect three Abyssal Crest dropped by each Templar.

To obtain a scroll of beckoning, visit Hermit Ortell just east of Hive'Regal, in the cave in Eastern Silithus and hand in 10 Encrypted Twilight Text. You will receive the decoded text in the post the following day, and possibly the scroll. Creating the signet for Stone requires:

   * 1  Scroll: Create Signet of Beckoning
   * 1  Dark Rune (from Scholomance)
   * 5  Dense Stone 

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