This article or section contains information relating to gameplay taken from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.

Fel Armor #106 Edit


Set: Dark Portal
Type: Ability - Demonology
Rarity: Rare
Cost: 8
Class: IconLarge Warlock
Used By IconLarge Warlock

Artist Steve Tappin

Text Ongoing: If your hero would deal damage with an ability, it deals that much damage +2 instead.
If a hero or ally would heal damage from your hero, it heals that much damage +2 instead.

Card # 106


Question Fel Armor + Steal Essence.
The way it was ruled in the other thread is that you would deal 4 damage and heal 6.
The way I was reading it you would deal 2 damage with Steal Essence and +2 because of Fel Armor.
4 damage total results in 4 1 point heals (which then each become 3 points from the +2 of Fel Armor)
Could someone explain why this is incorrect? - ShelbyScarecrow

Answer The packet is added up and healed all at once, not 1 healing packet for each point of damage.

WoW TCG 405.3: Damage that would be healed is represented by packets (406) that are created by modifiers and can be replaced (716). Each modifier that would heal damage from one or more characters creates a separate packet for each of those characters. If a modifier would heal 1 damage from a character “for each (thing),” it creates only one packet, not one packet for each (thing).

Hope this helps! ~ Kyhotae

Your hero would deal 2 damage with an ability +2 from the fel armor for a total damage packet of 4. Since you dealt 4 damage with steal essence (assuming it was not prevented) your hero would heal for 4 +2 from fel armor for a total of 6 damage healed. Deal 4 damage, heal 6 damage. Somewhat the way Sapphiron drape works. Im not entirely sure what you asked, but steal essence does not have separate 1 point heals. Ive never heard of that. You only had one source modifier of the heal therefore you only healed one packet of 6 damage. not 6 packets of 1 damage, which is what I think you are asking. ~ Canedo

Source: UDEForum

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