Szabo at Bilgewater Harbor

Szabo <Custom Clothier>[37.6, 55.2]
is a tailor goblin encountered along Swindle Street in Kezan. He gives you a [Hip New Outfit] for a [Stack of Macaroons] for the goblin quest, Horde 15 [3] The New You. If you see him later in Azshara at Bilgewater Harbor[57.4, 48]
he's just a Tailoring supplies vendor.


Name Cost
Inv potion 63 [Black Dye]10Silver
Inv drink 12 [Bleach]25Copper
Inv potion 15 [Blue Dye]50Copper
Inv fabric linen 03 [Coarse Thread]10Copper
Inv misc thread 01 [Eternium Thread]3Gold
Inv fabric wool 02 [Fine Thread]1Silver
Inv drink 10 [Gray Dye]3Silver 50Copper
Inv potion 12 [Green Dye]1Silver
Inv fabric silk 02 [Heavy Silken Thread]20Silver
Inv potion 35 [Orange Dye]10Silver
Inv potion 09 [Pink Dye]25Silver
Inv potion 02 [Purple Dye]25Silver
Inv potion 11 [Red Dye]50Copper
Spell shadow antimagicshell [Rune Thread]50Silver
Inv fabric silk 02 [Silken Thread]5Silver
Inv potion 12 [Yellow Dye]5Silver

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  • His name is a common Hungarian family name, Szabó. It translates to "tailor."

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