Were you looking for the Restoration druid talent called [Symbiosis] removed in Patch 4.2?

Symbiosis is a druid ability gained at level 87 that adds dramatic versatility to a druid and another party member.

When activated, a "Symbiosis" ability will appear in a non-druid target party member's spellbook with a druid ability varying based on their class.

Abilities granted to druid by target Edit

From research by WoW Insider, Wowhead News and "World of Matticus" blog:[1][2][3]

From ⇒ Balance ⇒ Feral ⇒ Guardian ⇒ Restoration
Death Knight [Anti-Magic Shell] [Death Coil] [Bone Shield] [Icebound Fortitude]
Hunter [Misdirection] [Play Dead] [Ice Trap] [Deterrence]
Mage [Mirror Image] [Frost Nova] [Frost Armor][1] [Ice Block]
Monk [Grapple Weapon][1] [Clash][1] [Elusive Brew][1] [Fortifying Brew][1]
Paladin [Hammer of Justice] [Divine Shield][1] [Consecration][1] [Cleanse][1]
Priest [Mass Dispel] [Dispersion] [Fear Ward] [Leap of Faith]
Rogue [Cloak of Shadows] [Redirect] [Feint] [Evasion]
Shaman [Purge] [Feral Spirit] [Lightning Shield] [Spiritwalker's Grace]
Warlock [Unending Resolve] [Soul Swap] [Life Tap] [Demonic Circle: Teleport]
Warrior [Intervene] [Shattering Blow] [Spell Reflection] [Intimidating Roar]
Sources and notes

From "World of Matticus" blog:[3]

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Abilities granted by druid to target Edit

From research by WoW Insider, Wowhead News and "World of Matticus" blog:[1][3]

To ⇒ Spec ⇓ Ability
Death Knight Blood ⇓ Frost ⇓ Unholy ⇓
[Might of Ursoc] [Wild Mushroom: Plague]
Hunter Marksman ⇓ Beast Mastery ⇓ Survival ⇓
Mage Frost ⇓ Arcane ⇓ Fire ⇓
[Healing Touch]
Monk Brewmaster ⇓ Mistweaver ⇓ Windwalker ⇓
[Survival Instincts][1] [Entangling Roots][1] [Bear Hug][1]
Paladin Holy ⇓ Protection ⇓ Retribution ⇓
[Rebirth][1] [Barkskin][1] [Wrath][1]
Priest Holy ⇓ Discipline ⇓ Shadow ⇓
[Cyclone][1] [Tranquility]
Rogue Assassination ⇓ Subtlety ⇓ Combat ⇓
Shaman Elemental ⇓ Enhancement ⇓ Restoration ⇓
[Solar Beam] [Prowl]
Warlock Demonology ⇓ Destruction ⇓ Affliction ⇓
Warrior Arms ⇓ Fury ⇓ Protection ⇓
[Stampeding Shout] [Savage Defense][1]

* Speculation based on tooltips. Savage Defense costs 3 Chi. Chi is Monk only energy. Wrath is listed as a Symbiosis spell but is not attached to a class.[3]

Patch changes Edit

  • Mists-Logo-Small Patch 5.2.0 (5-Mar-2013): Dispersion now has a 3-minute cooldown for Druids (was 2 minutes).; Shattering Blow now has a 1.5-second cast time to align correctly with the Warrior version of this ability.
  • Mists-Logo-Small Patch 5.1.0 (27-Nov-2012): The cast time of Symbiosis has been reduced to 2 seconds.
  • Mists-Logo-Small Patch 5.0.4 (28-August-2012): Added.

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