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Sylvan Set

Human male wearing the Sylvan armor

An item collection. This is not a true set. There are no bonuses if you wear more than one or all of this set. This Collection is primary for players which raid nature damage-oriented Ahn'Qiraj.


Made by
Materials Required
Inv fabric moonrag 01
4x [Mooncloth]
Inv fabric purplefire 02
10x [Bolt of Runecloth]
Spell nature abolishmagic
12x [Living Essence]
Spell nature web
10x [Ironweb Spider Silk]
Inv misc herb 09
3x [Bloodvine]
Primary Stats
  • Stamina
  • Nature Resistance
  • Spell Damage
Sylvan Cloth Items
Item Armor Rating Stamina Nature Resistance +Dmg From
[Gaea's Embrace] 49 6 20 0 Tailors
[Sylvan Crown] 80 10 30 18 Tailors
[Sylvan Shoulders] 74 18 20 7 Tailors
[Sylvan Vest] 98 15 30 12 Tailors
Totals 301 49 100 37

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