The Suspicious Infiltrator can be found within the central tree at the Vermillion Redoubt[29, 25]
in the Twilight Highlands. He was part of a covert team of Ravenholdt operatives that infiltrated the Redoubt to steal an uncorrupted black dragon egg from the red dragonflight, which is part of the rogue Fangs of the Father questline. This particular poor soul did not make it out alive, now sprawled at the feet of Corastrasza.

Corastrasza will offer the following if one talks with her:

<Corastrasza steps between you and the nearby corpse, her face wrinkled with concern.>
I'm sorry, <name>. This is a private matter for the red flight to resolve.
Please see if you can help the others outside.

Inspecting the body will reveal the following:

<The body has been very badly burned and nearly bitten in half.>
<The red dragonflight may be the guardians of all life on Azeroth, but clearly they are not to be crossed.>

Undoubtedly this is the person Corastrasza acquires the Singed Cipher from that she gives rogues during A Hidden Message.

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