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A map of Eversong Woods. Sunstrider Isle is off the coast, northwest of Silvermoon.

Sunstrider Isle is the blood elves' starting area, and though the Scourge has destroyed most of their land, this is still a vital, healthy area.

Background Edit

"We wanted a look that was the opposite of the night elf look," says Chris Metzen, "Where the night elves live in eternal twilight, we wanted the high elves, at their best, to live in a place of eternal spring and vibrancy. Arthas has destroyed most of it, but some of it still lives on." Blizzard also wanted a different architectural vibe for the blood elves' land. "The night elves have a somewhat Nordic and Japanese architecture," says Metzen. "We wanted something more classical and magical this time."

Areas of interest Edit

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Map Edit


Note: Races other than blood elves cannot do the quests here except for the final ones from Outrunner Alarion.

Horde 15 Sunstrider Isle
Quest Name Quest Giver Subzone
Icon-map-22x22 Horde 15 [5] Slain by the Wretched IconSmall Blood Elf FemaleHorde 15 Outrunner Alarion Sunstrider Isle
Icon-map-22x22 Horde 15 [5] Package Recovery IconSmall Blood Elf FemaleHorde 15 Slain Outrunner Sunstrider Isle/Dawning Lane
Horde 15 [5] Completing the Delivery IconSmall Blood Elf FemaleHorde 15 Outrunner Alarion Sunstrider Isle/Falconwing Square

Trivia Edit

Sunstrider Isle was the only area of the High Elven Quel'Thalas that managed to withstand the Scourge Invasion without being destroyed.

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