Sun rocs seem to be huge, extinct, birds of prey. In Ironforge there's a Roc Talon. The plaque by the Roc Talon is the only known reference to the sun roc.

Speculation Edit

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It is believed they are from over 1,000 years ago, but this a guess. With the Roc Talon is also a Fossilized Egg. The Fossilized Egg appears to be 1,000 years old and is big — so big that some people are wondering if these eggs are sun roc eggs. These eggs were found on the southern coasts of Stranglethorn Vale. This is somewhat unusual, since most believe that they may have been Silithid eggs. This unlikely since the Silithid are found in Un'Goro Crater or Silithus and are not large enough to lay these eggs. But who knows? Silithid could have been huge in the past. Most rocs are located in Tanaris, but Combat 15 Goretalon Matriarch is found in Sholazar Basin and Combat 15 Hyjal Roc in Mount Hyjal. This suggests that sun rocs were found in warmer areas of Northrend, Tanaris, and Stranglethorn Vale. The roc likely evolved from the sun roc, maybe from temperature change, less food, predators, the possibilities are endless. They probably looked like larger versions of the Combat 15 Fire Roc.