Summon Charger

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This article is about the Official alliance mini-icon Alliance mount. For the Official horde mini-icon Horde mount, see Summon Thalassian Charger.
Summon Charger
Ability mount charger
  • Summon Charger (Racial)
  • 1.5 sec cast
  • Summons a Charger, which serves as a mount.
Usable by
RaceIconSmall Dwarf MaleIconSmall Dwarf Female Dwarf
IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall Human Female Human
CooldownNone/Global Cooldown
Related buff
Ability mount charger
  • Summon Charger
  • Increases ground speed by 60%/100%.
TCG image
Charger TCG
The mighty charger serves as the steed for all those who serve the Light.TCGWG 51

Summon Charger is a paladin ability learned at level 40 for dwarves and humans. Paladins are required to purchase Journeyman Riding (150). Like all ground mounts, the charger scales with riding level.

Modified by

Inv glyph minorpaladin2020
Inv glyph minorpaladin2020
  • Glyph of the Mounted King
  • Item Level 25Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Minor Glyph
  • Classes: Paladin
  • Requires level 25
  • Use: Permanently teaches you this glyph.

    Mounting one of your Paladin class mounts automatically casts Blessing of Kings on you.
  • Sell Price: 1Silver



Alliance Charger

  • The charger has blue livery and gold-plated armor, and exudes a golden aura.
  • Prior to the Cataclysm a quest chain was available to learn the mount. The chain has since been removed, but can be viewed here.

Patch changes

  • Wrath-Logo-Small/Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.1 (12-Oct-2010): Quest chain removed.
  • Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.2.0 (04-Aug-2009): Can now be learned at level 40.
  • Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.0.3 (04-Nov-2008): Is now available on the trainer at level 61, requiring 150 riding skill, and the non-epic mount learned.
  • Bc icon/Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.0.2 (14-Oct-2008): Summon Warhorse and Summon Charger mana cost removed and no longer causes a global cooldown.
  • Bc icon Patch 2.0.3 (09-Jan-2007): Added.

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