Sullah's Apprentices are the traveling companions of Sullah. They can be found at his sideshow[29.4, 22.1] near the Oasis of Vir'sar in Uldum.


If players observe for long enough after completing Sullah's initial quests, they will see the Apprentices perform a magic trick, similar to the traditional sawing a woman in half:

Okay so you've got two pygmies in the box. Now all you have to do is chop carefully, aiming for the empty space between them.
Like this?
No, no! Where's your sense of showmanship? Theatrics!
Put your might into it! Really crack that crate in half, watch!
Captive Pygmy says: GWAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Did you just..?
Yes I think I did.
Oh... oh my...
I guess we're going to need some more pygmies.

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