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Committing suicide by using a self-damaging ability to kill your character counts as a player-caused kill and does not have the -10% durability penalty attached to it.

This does not apply to dying from a hazardous environment, such as standing in fire, swimming in lava, or jumping off a cliff.

Suicide by spells/skills

Suicide by items

  • [Skull of Impending Doom]: a quest reward
  • [X-52 Rocket Helmet]: dying from the damage received upon activation of the X-52 Rocket Helmet won't reduce durability, however death by falling damage after it has been activated will.
  • [Crystal of Zin-Malor]: an alliance only item. Ideal for canceling flight paths. This trinket will drain health and mana until the player dies or unequip it. This item is no longer equipable as of Patch 3.1.0.

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