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''Were you looking for the [[Enchant Cloak - Subtlety|Subtlety Enchant]] on cloak, reducing [[Threat]] generated? For the druid talent see [[Subtlety (druid talent)]].''
Subtlety may refer to...
*{{loot|enchant|Enchant Cloak - Subtlety}}, an enchant that reduces threat caused by 2%
''Rogues are all well known for their bag of tricks; the subtlety rogue just has enough to play the last one.
*[[Subtlety (druid talent)|Subtlety]], a [[druid]] [[talent]]
*[[Rogue talents#Subtlety|Subtlety]], a [[rogue]] [[talent tree]]
'''Subtlety''' is both a [[talent]] tree and [[ability|abilities]]/[[power]]s/[[skill]]s area for [[Rogue]]s.
;Talent tree:
*[[Rapid Concealment]]
*[[Master of Deception]]
*[[Ghostly Strike]]
*[[Improved Garrote]]
*[[Improved Ambush]]
*[[Improved Vanish]]
*[[Improved Rupture]]
*[[Improved Sap]]
*[[Improved Cheap Shot]]
*[[Improved Distract]]
;[[ability|Abilities]]/[[power]]s/[[skill]]s area
*[[Detect Traps]]
*[[Disarm Trap]]
*[[Pick Pocket]]
*[[Safe Fall]]
*''...and more...''
Go to [[Rogue Abilities]]<br>
Go to [[Stealth#Perception_and_Subtlety]]
[[Category:Rogue Talents| ]]

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Subtlety may refer to...

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