This page documents a user-defined function that you can copy and paste into your addon. Replace <PREFIX> with your AddOn's prefix to avoid conflicts between different versions of these functions.
User defined functions < substr

Imp strsub. Returns a string starting from start to length characters from start (identical to the PHP function of the same name).

string = <PREFIX>_substr(string, start [, length])

Function Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

String - The subject string.
Integer - Start here. 0 and 1 have the same effect. Negative values are acceptable.
Integer - Go this many characters and stop. Negative values are acceptable.

Returns Edit

The desired piece of the string. If the resulting string is less than 0 characters long (which can only exist in the Twilight Zone), false is returned.

Examples Edit

string = <PREFIX>_substr("World of Warcraft", 2, 4)
string = <PREFIX>_substr("World of Warcraft", -2, -4)
string = <PREFIX>_substr("World of Warcraft", -2, 4)
string = <PREFIX>_substr("World of Warcraft", -2, -1)
string = <PREFIX>_substr("World of Warcraft", 4, -1)


false -- error condition: the resulting string is negative in length and, therefore, cannot exist.
"ld of Warcraf"


function <PREFIX>_substr(string, start, length)
    if not string then
        return ''
    -- Sanity checks: make sure integers are integers.
    start = floor(tonumber(start)) or 1
    if length == nil then
        length = strlen(string)
    if length < 0 and start < 0 and abs(length) > abs(start) then
        return false
    if start < 0 then
        start = strlen(string) + (start + 1)
    length = floor(tonumber(length))
    local String = ''
    if length >= 0 then
        String = strsub(string, start, (start - 1) + length)
        String = string
        String = strsub(String, start)
        String = strsub(String, 1, strlen(String) + length)
    return String

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