Strombone is a gnome reporter from the Gnomeregan Gnews Gnetwork.[1]


News From Outland: Crisis at Da Portal!Edit

Strombone vomiting

Strombone vomiting.

Strombone is sent to Shattrath City to investigate where does an terrible odor comes from, he interviews Khadgar who suggest him going with Tobias the Filth Gorger. Tobias tried to lie to Strombone but at the end he vomited and made all Shattrath, including Strombone, to vomit too.[1]

Holiday AdventuresEdit

At some point Strombone was a part of the Invincible Legion of Unconquerable, Vanguishing Gnomes, including their Christmas and Halloween adventures.[2]

Notes Edit

  • He refers to himself in the third person.
  • He reminds the others that he can't use a shield, showing that he is not a warrior.

Quotes Edit

For quotes and transcript of the video News From Outland: Crisis at Da Portal!, see Gnomeregan Gnews Gnetwork#News From Outland.
  • "Strombone thinks this dwarf is nuts."
  • "Strombone in gnome copter."
  • "Strombone thinks he forgot."


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