Stormwind Keep was the site of several battles during the First and Second Wars. Below are accounts of these battles.

First battleEdit

When the Horde besieged Stormwind Keep, it was the battle that marked the beginning of the First War. Following the initial attacks carried out by Orcish raiding parties, the Shadow Council ordered a massive attack against Stormwind Keep, the capital of the Kingdom of Azeroth. The Orcish forces under the command of Kilrogg Deadeye and Cho'gall the Ogre-Mage, expected an easy victory, taking into consideration the weak resistance offered by the villages the Horde had already attacked. The Orcs attempt to storm the keep with sheer numbers but the Azerothian Footmen halted them right at the gates with a shield wall. While the Orcs focused on the gates, the Knights of the Brotherhood of the Horse charged their flanks with swords, lances and maces, breaking the Orcish ranks. The Orcs whom have never faced knights and their warhorses before broke into a full rout. The retreating Orcs were chased relentlessly by the fearsome human cavalry and had to return to Draenor. The humans lost the Horde's track when the orcs entered the Black Morass.[1] (W1ManO 20)

Aftermath Edit

  • The First War ends.
  • The Horde is thrown into chaos as Chieftains blame each other for the defeat.
  • The Shadow Council installs Blackhand as Warchief of the Horde.

Second battleEdit