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This article is about the building known as Stormwind Keep. For other uses, see Stormwind.
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Stormwind Keep entrance

The mighty Stormwind Keep[1][2] (also called Stonewind Keep,[3] Castle Stormwind,[4] stronghold of Stormwind,[5] Stormwind Castle.[6] Stormwind castle,[7] and after its reconstruction is sometimes referred as Castle of New Stormwind[8][9]) is the seat of power in human lands. It is here that King Varian Wrynn resides, along with his son Anduin Wrynn. The keep (or castle)LG 129, 133, 141, 148, 166, 186, 192 is also the location of an extensive Royal Library where nobles and scholars from across the known world research various topics. Whispers of corruption and infiltration among the higher echelons of Stormwind power have recently arisen, although none dare speak too loudly of these accusations for fear of imprisonment. There are a number of Stormwind Royal Guards stationed within the halls.

This mighty keep sits watch over Stormwind atop the cliffs north of the city. It houses the king himself and many of the city’s nobles. It was designed with the thought of another invasion in mind. If the city began to fall to an army quickly, the keep itself would become a means of escape, with several secret tunnels entombed deep within the rock.LoC 54

Cataclysm-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

Stormwind Keep was entirely remodeled, both inside and out. The path leading to throne room is now open air and redesigned, complete with a grand walkway and a fountain. The throne room has been redesigned and the garden area before the Library now has a view overlooking a lake. Genn Greymane was also added to Stormwind Keep after the fall of Gilneas.[10]

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To get to Stormwind Keep, you can head north from Old Town or east from the Dwarven District. The gates are located at the northeastern end of The Canals between the two districts.

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Areas in Stormwind Keep


Stormwind Keep in World of Warcraft:
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Trivia Edit

  • The map for Warcraft I shows Stormwind Keep as Stonewind Keep. Within the game it is called Stormwind Keep.
  • The music played in Stormwind Keep is also played in the High Seat in Ironforge.

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