Stormwind City Guard

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This article is about the organization. For the guard units in-game, see Stormwind City Guard (NPC).

Sergeant Mandred Grummel is a commander within the guard.[1] (LoC 55)

The Stormwind City Guard patrols the streets and walls of the capital of Azeroth keeping the public safe. This smaller unit would patrol the street during times of peace. During times of war, several of these units combine under a subcommander, who in turn operates under the auspices of a commander-in-chief. If a fighting force were to penetrate the walls of Stormwind, these smaller units would engage intruders, buying time for the army to respond. As a note, the Stormwind army can also muster together quickly and provide aerial and magical support for the city’s militia during an invasion.[1] (LoC 55)

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