Alliance 32 Stormpike Aid Station
Stormpike Aid Station at night
FactionAlliance 15 Stormpike Guard

The Stormpike Aid Station is the alliance's graveyard in the heart of Dun Baldar itself in Alterac Valley. It is the final graveyard marks the final that the horde can assault before attacking the alliance commander Vanndar Stormpike in Dun Baldar bunker itself. It's capture is often the signal of comeplete horde domination of Dun Baldar - and the alliance lost of all NPCs that could aid in the horde's defeat.

Like all alliance owned graveyards, it is protected by 4 Stormpike Guards at the start of the battle. It take 4 minutes for the graveyard to finish switching control once the flag is captured. Guards are replaced when the graveyard switchs control or after a length of time.

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