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Inv mace 2h blacksmithing 03

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Stormherald can be crafted by Blacksmiths with a skill level of 375 who also have the Hammersmith specialty.

The components are:
Inv mace 2h blacksmithing 02
1x [Deep Thunder]
Inv elemental mote nether
5x [Nether Vortex]

The total (unmodified) DPS this weapon adds if you are a warrior, paladin or shaman is 133.0 (127 + ((42*2)/14). By comparison, Bloodmoon (Axesmith) has 134.9 (126.9 + 112/14) and the Lionheart Executioner (Swordsmith) has 134.3 (126.9 + (52*2)/14). This of course doesn't mean any of these weapons is particularly better or worse than the others, especially when taking into account weapon specializations (such as Warrior mace/sword specialization), on equip/on hit bonuses (such as the Lionheart's fear resistance, 100 strength proc), class preferences for speeds (though all of these weapons are 3.6+) or racial expertise bonuses.

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