Stormforged Taskmaster oversee that the Captive Mechagnomes mine more dark ore out of The Frozen Mine in The Storm Peaks.


Stormforged Taskmaster says: You! You're not fit to punch arclight spanners from copper plates. Get out of my sight!
Stormforged Taskmaster says: Your mother was a wrench and your father smelled of seaforium!
Stormforged Taskmaster says: A pack of mechanical squirrels could mine faster than you!
Stormforged Taskmaster says: Mine faster! I don't care if your actuators are rusty!
Stormforged Taskmaster says: You're not worth the scrap you're made from!
Stormforged Taskmaster says: Any worker who doesn't make his quota will be ingots before the day is out!
Stormforged Taskmaster says: Your tinker must've made you from tin, you lazy piles of slag!
Stormforged Taskmaster says: Even a target dummy could work faster than you! Pick it up!


  • Lightning Charged (Attacks have a chance to inflict Nature damage.(33 - 37))
  • Stormstrike (Instantly attack with both weapons. In addition, the next 2 sources of Nature damage dealt to the target are increased by 20%. Lasts 12 sec.)

Objective of Edit

They are an objective of Neutral 15 [80] Slaves of the Stormforged.

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