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  World Of Warcraft - Afterlife

New Hero Class - Necromancer ( )

New Content - The Underworld

100's of New Quests, Weapons, and Armor

New Instances, 10 - 25 Man Raids, and Battlegrounds

Intro - Illidan failed. Arthas the Lich King was slain. Deathwing the Destroyer was defeated. One will stand. One will be victorious. One will reek havoc on the living world. They will tremble more than ever. They will tremble in Fear.

Lore - After the falls of Illidan, Arthas and Deathwing, there was a time of peace. Or so was thought. The souls of the fallen from the Wars past had an impact on the Afterlife. It has came into Chaos, Confusion, and Corruption. The Walking UnDead made matters worse by opening the portals into the Underworld. Now the 2 Worlds are colliding as the horrors from the underneath start to appear. Fellow Heros of Azroth, only you can stop the Apocalypse which is nearing and set the Worlds back to normal.

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