Stone Cairn Lake

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Stone Cairn Lake

Stone Cairn Lake

Stone Cairn Lake is situated in northeastern Elwynn Forest, and holds one large island that gives the lake a characteristic ring shape. The lake is named after Heroes' Vigil, the stone cairn monument erected upon the island to commemorate the huge loss of life during the First War against the orcs.

While the lake has previously been a safe place to make pilgrimages to, it has recently fallen into the hands of Defias Rogue Wizards who have settled on the island. The water also holds a tribe of murlocs who have raised crude structures on the southern banks of the lake. This area has possibly the highest concentration of Copper in Elwynn.


A cairn is an artificial pile of stones, often in a concial form.[1]


The name is possibly derived from the Blizzard game Diablo II. In one part of the story, players had to use five similarly positioned Cairn Stones to open a portal to continue their adventure.

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