A steam golem is a metallic mechanism that resembles a hunched-over dwarf. It seems ready to move at a moment’s notice. Its body coils with power as steam vents from its nostrils. The gnomes built the steam golems to serve them as powerful foot warriors to help defend their warrens and caverns from future assault. Gnomes have always built steam-powered contraptions with the intent to use them in a peaceful manner. With the destruction of Gnomeregan, the gnomes have begun to make machines with more martial purposes. On occasion, one of these powerful, stocky constructs trundles along with a gnomish tinker or emissary working with the dwarves in Kalimdor. Undying, loyal to its charge, and powerful enough to deter even the boldest assailant, the steam golem has proven worth its weight in gold to the diminutive gnomes. The construction of the first steam golem brought in a renaissance of tactical design for the gnomes working with dwarven engineers. Ignoring their more whimsical designs, the gnomes focused on function. The gnomish steam golem is efficient and full of purpose, able to serve as a powerful porter and bodyguard in times of peace and as a deadly combatant and soldier in times of war.

The unique feature of the steam golem is its ability to combine with other steam golems. Four steam golems can combine to create a portable fortress on the battlefield. Five steam golems can interlock to create a larger steam golem construct capable of dealing more damage and of wreaking havoc on unsuspecting foes. In combat, the steam golem can serve a number of different roles. Typically, steam golems act as bodyguards in times of peace, but in times of war squadrons of them will deploy to hold strategic positions. Gnomes assemble a steam golem’s body from brass and steel plating, the whole of which ends up weighing 600 pounds.[1]

References Edit

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