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Exiled years ago from their lands in Stranglethorn Vale, the Darkspear trolls attempted to make a new life for themselves amongst the races of the Horde. Under the leadership of the noble warchief Thrall, Vol'Jin and his savage trolls had at last found the honor and purpose they've been searching for, but now under the rule of headstrong Garrosh Hellscream, the trolls fear that the Horde could tear itself apart. Vol'Jin knows that whatever threats loom ahead, whether they be within the Horde or from without, it is cunning trolls like you who will fight to preserve the honor of the Horde.
- in-game voice-over
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The vicious Trolls that populate the numerous jungle isles of the South Seas are renowned for their cruelty and dark mysticism. Barbarous and superstitious, they carry a seething hatred for all other races. Long since exiled from its ancestral homeland in Stranglethorn Vale, the Darkspear Tribe was nearly destroyed by rampaging Murlocs. Rescued by the young Warchief Thrall and his Orcish warriors, the Darkspear Tribe swore allegiance to the Horde. Led by the cunning Shadow Hunter, Vol'jin, the Darkspears now make their home in Durotar along with their Orcish allies. As one of the only surviving Darkspears, it falls to you to regain the glory of your tribe.
- in-game voice-over

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