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Great change has come to the enduring halls of Ironforge, obsessed with the working of the Titans, the dwarves retrieved their creator's mystical tablets from the fabled city of Ulduar. Activating one such tablet King Magni Bronzebeard fell prey to a terrible curse that fused his statue-like form into the diamond heart of Ironforge itself. To compound this tragedy, Magni's estranged daughter Moira arrived, claiming her father's throne for herself and for her infant Dark Iron son.

To avert civil war, the dwarves created the council of Three Hammers, an uneasy coalition that would share power equally amongst the clans. Now, with political upheaval rising within the Kingdom, and the great Cataclysm ravaging the surrounding lands, the future of Ironforge falls to brave dwarves like you.

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The stoic Dwarves of Ironforge spent countless generations mining treasures from deep within the earth. Hidden within their impregnable stronghold of Ironforge Mountain, they rarely ventured beyond the wintry peaks of Dun Morogh. Recently, however, the Dwarves unearthed a series of ruins that held secrets to their ancient heritage. Driven to discover the truth about his people's fabled origins, the great King Magni Bronzebeard ordered that the Dwarves shift their industry from mining to archaeology. As part of the Grand Alliance, the stalwart Dwarven armies have been called away to battle the merciless Horde in far away lands. In these perilous times, the defense of the mountain kingdom falls to brave Dwarves like you. The spirits of the ancient kings watch over you and the very mountains are your strength. The future of your people is in your hands.
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