Stars' Rest

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Alliance 32 Stars' Rest
Stars' Rest
RacesTemplate:Night Elf Race
IconSmall FrostNymph Frost Nymph
RulerCommander Saia Azuresteel
AffiliationAlliance Vanguard
LocationWestern Dragonblight [29, 55]
Sources: Wrath of the Lich King

Stars' Rest is an Alliance camp located south of Icemist Village in the Dragonblight. It is filled with Night Elves and Frost Nymphs. There is a moonwell here as well.

Travel connections


Alliance 15 Fordragon Hold
Neutral 15 Moa'ki
Neutral 15 Unu'pe
Alliance 15 Valiance Keep
Alliance 15 Valiance Landing Camp
Alliance 15 Wintergarde Keep
Neutral 15 Wyrmrest Temple

NPCs of Stars' Rest

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