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Stags are beasts, a type of deer. They are large animals, taller than humans, and have antlers. Most stags are neutral when approached. They cannot be tamed by hunters as pets.

Stags are common in forested areas throughout Azeroth. They are targets for humanoid hunters and natural predators like wolves, but their mighty antlers and ferocity make them difficult prey. Stags avoid conflict, but can be aggressive in larger groups or when startled. They are particularly aggressive during mating season in the fall, and only at this time are they commonly found with females.[1] (MGWS 22)

Stag Meat when cooked becomes Lean Venison.

Common stags and similar creatures

In Warcraft III

They appear as critters in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. The animated gif from the website is called "deer".


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