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There are several different types of creatures called sprites in Warcraft lore.

Sprite (dragonkin)


Faerie dragon

Faerie dragons

Sprite (humanoid)


Sprites or pixies.


Vile Sprite

  • Sprite

Sprites are found in the Emerald Dream, where they share the world with a large contingent of other fey creatures such as pixies, and the like.S&L 147

  • Nixie

Nixies are a type of sprite. They can be summoned by druids as nature's allies.WoWRPG 345

Sprite (demon)

Rascal Sprite

Rascal Sprite

Sprite (elemental)


Mana Sprite


Pandaria sprite or "scamp"

Elemental sprites are tiny creatures that live in the Elemental Plane. Elemental creatures exist in many forms. At the lowest level of the elemental hierarchy are the elemental sprites, tiny creatures that exist as a living aspect akin to their element (lightning for the air realm for example). In the hierarchy, they are just below mephits.S&L 141

A new type of sprite was introduced with the Mists-Logo-Small Mists of Pandaria expansion; in the Wandering Isle they were referred to as "scamps".

Manual of Monsters

In Manual of Monsters Appendix Three other types of sprites are mentioned: Murdersprite, Blood Sprite, Pilfer Sprite and Atomie, Sprite, however, the validity of the source is disputed.


The term sprite is a broad term referring to a number of preternatural legendary creatures.

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