Ebyssian is an uncorrupted Black Dragon who was rescued from Neltharion's Lair by Huln Highmountain 10,000 years ago. Ebyssian has been watching over Huln's descendants in disguise of a Highmountain tauren Spiritwalker Ebonhorn.

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When the Legion returned to Azeroth, Ebyssian under a disguise of Spiritwalker Ebonhorn called a meeting between chieftains of Highmountain: Jale Rivermane, Lasan Skyhorn, Torok Bloodtotem, Ulan Highmountain and Dargrul the Underking. There he revealed that the spirits told him that Hammer of Khaz'goroth should be given to the outlanders if Legion is to be stopped. At first the chieftains were outraged upon hearing this, but Ebonhorn said that the Hammer belongs to others and that people of Highmountain are tasked with protecting it and not using it. Drogbar Underking Dargrul still believed that the Hammer belongs to him, he leaped forward and took the Hammer. While his bodyguard trapped other chieftains, Dargrul killed Ulan Highmountain with Hammer's powers and escaped.

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