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The source book for WoW Roleplaying game defines Spirit as the following: Spirit relates to common sense and the ability to perceive the environment. It gives a character the ability to look at a forest and find the tracks of a creature; at the simplest level it allows a character to know not to put his hands in the fire, else they will get burned. Any creature that can perceive its environment in any fashion has at least some Spirit. Those who survive by wit and intuition, such as healers and scouts, have high Spirit.[1]

In the World of Warcraft computer game, Spirit is much more mundane. It regenerates Mana and Health. In most cases, health regeneration is suspended while in combat, while mana regen is interrupted after expending mana (usually via spellcasting).

This is, for many classes, considered the worst possible stat; however, healing specced priests and druids may find it useful as they gain increases in healing with increase in spirit. In addition, some talents and spells like an arcane mage's Arcane Meditation and a druid's Intensity allow a portion of spirit based mana regeneration to continue while casting, making it a useful stat for sustained damage and healing in such cases. Warlocks also see increased damage and bigger life taps with a 3:1 ratio of spirit to damage.

Mana Regeneration

Five Second Rule

Whenever mana is expended for any purpose, mana regeneration is interrupted for five seconds. This is most often caused by casting spells, but diseases that drain mana will also interrupt mana regeneration. During this time, no spirit-based mana regeneration takes place unless the character has certain talents; there is also the fixed regeneration from MP5 items, which is never interrupted for any reason (see the mana regeneration article for details).


Research by Whitetooth[2] shows that since Patch 2.4, mana regeneration is uniform across all classes and based on the following formula:

 Mana Regen = 5 * (0.001 + sqrt(Int) * Spirit * Base_Regen ) * 0.60  (rounded up)

Base_Regen is a variable dependent on character level and can be taken from the following table:

1 0.034965 150.023345 290.016581 430.013363 570.011342 710.008859
2 0.034191 160.022748 300.016233 440.013175 580.011245 720.008415
3 0.033465 170.021958 310.015994 450.012996 590.011110 730.007993
4 0.032526 180.021386 320.015707 460.012853 600.010999 740.007592
5 0.031661 190.020790 330.015464 470.012687 610.010700 750.007211
6 0.031076 200.020121 340.015204 480.012539 620.010522 760.006849
7 0.030523 210.019733 350.014956 490.012384 630.010290 770.006506
8 0.029994 220.019155 360.014744 500.012233 640.010119 780.006179
9 0.029307 230.018819 370.014495 510.012113 650.009968 790.005869
100.028661 240.018316 380.014302 520.011973 660.009808 800.005575
110.027584 250.017936 390.014094 530.011859 670.009651
120.026215 260.017576 400.013895 540.011714 680.009553
130.025381 270.017201 410.013724 550.011575 690.009445
140.024300 280.016919 420.013522 560.011473 700.009327
Base Regen-Chart

Base Regen Chart

In effect, the regeneration rate depends on Int, Spirit and character level. A 1% increase in Spirit increases mana regeneration by 1%, and 1% Intellect yields 0.5% more regen. This is a rough rule of thumb, but is accurate enough for most situations.

Intellect doesn't influence mana regen linearly, rather the square root of Intellect is used. This means that higher Int values yield diminishing returns, as can be seen in the following table:

Intellect vs Spirit Coefficient
IntellectSpirit CoefficientNeeded Spirit for +500 mp/5

This chart shows the amount of mana/5 gained from one point of spirit, with a known Int score and for level between 60 and 70:


Mana Regen Chart

The moral from this table is that it's not a good idea to optimize Spirit at the cost of Intellect (or vice versa). Both stats need to be developed in a fine balance.

Health regeneration

There's currently no source for the exact formula for health regeneration. It's quite probable that it has been changed similar to mana regeneration. When it comes to endgame gear, spirit health regeneration is not a factor which deserves any consideration, as the amounts of health regenerated are very low compared to the incoming damage.

Note also that, with the exception of Trolls, no Spirit-based health regeneration takes place while in combat.

Temporary Buffs to Spirit

There are spell and consumable buffs to spirit. Not all stack with each other, and some are seasonal.

Buffs (divine spirit or scroll):

  • Divine Spirit - At maximum rank, 50 spirit for 30 minutes (60 minutes if Prayer of Spirit).
  • Scroll of Spirit - At maximum rank (V), 30 spirit for 30 minutes. (Does not stack with Divine Spirit.)
  • Blessing of Kings - Increases all stats by 10% for 10 minutes (30 minutes if Greater Blessing of Kings).
  • Mark of the Wild - Increases the friendly target's armor by 340, all attributes by 14 and all resistances by 25 for 30 minutes. Upgraded to 459 armor, attributes by 18, and resistances by 33 with Improved Mark of the Wild talent. (60 minutes if Gift of the Wild).
  • Basic Campfire - Increases the spirits of those nearby by 4.

Elixir (you can have 1xBattle and 1xGuardian):

  • Gizzard Gum - 25 spirit for 60 minutes. Unique: can only have one at a time. Guardian elixir
  • Elixir of the Sages - 18 spirit for 60 minutes. Increases Intellect, as well. Guardian elixir
  • Elixir of Draenic Wisdom - 30 spirit for 60 minutes. Increases Intellect, as well. Guardian elixir
  • Elixir of Mastery - All stats increased by 15 for 60 minutes. Battle elixir
  • Crystal Force - 30 spirit for 30 minutes. Guardian elixir

Food (food or drink):


Molten Armor and Spirit

Starting with patch 3.1, Molten Armor was changed to a Spirit dependent effect. Prior to that, it was a static increase to Spell Critical Rating. Without a glyph of Molten Armor, the conversion is 35% of total Spirit into Critical Strike Rating. With the Glyph of Molten Armor, 55% of Spirit is converted to Critical Strike Rating.

For example, plus 60 to Spirit (Molten Armor Glyphed) would add 33 Critical Strike Rating. 33 Critical Strike Rating increases Spell Criticals by 33.00/45.91 or about .72%.

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