Lost Isle Dinosaurs concept art

Concept art

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Spiny Raptors are found wandering Raptor Rise[50.2, 67] on the Lost Isles. They use the Outland model of raptor, and for interested hunters, they come in a variety of colors:

  • Red/Orange
  • Dark green/Green
  • Black/Dark grey
  • Purple/Blue


Item Source Use
Inv misc leatherscrap 03 [Light Leather] IconSmall Skinning [Skinning] IconSmall Leatherworking [Leatherworking]
IconSmall Tailoring [Tailoring]
IconSmall Engineering [Engineering]
IconSmall Blacksmithing [Blacksmithing]


  • In the original concept art for the Cataclysm expansion, their mandibles differed from those of the common raptor, being somewhat similar to a beak. Also, their spikes appeared to be structures similar to feathers, due to their shape and location, meaning that these raptors might have been on their way to evolving into birds.
  • Though the majority of Raptor Rise is destroyed and under rivers of lava after Volcanoth!, the raptors can still be found by hunters wanting to tame them. They are on a small shelf[64.1, 60.5] above Oomlot Village.

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