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"Ambassador" Dagg'thol to API IsSpellInRange
API IsSpellKnown to Aegis of the Vindicator
Aegwynn to Ancient Wisp
Ancient and powerful evil to Argent Emissary
Argent Emissary Proudwell to BC healing equipment (cloth)/Legs
BC healing equipment (cloth)/Shoulders to Bazzalan's Blade
Be Bold to Blacksmithing/RecipeTable/Expert
Blacksmithing/RecipeTable/Grand Master to Bloodwoven Pants
Bloodwoven Rod to Brazen Elementium Medallion
Brazen Gauntlets to CVar BlockTrades
CVar M2Faster to Champion's Dreadweave Hood
Champion's Dreadweave Shoulders to Cloak of Readiness
Cloak of Renewed Hope to Coralshell Lurker
Coralshell Tortoise to Crystal Wyrm
Crystal Yield to Darkruned Plate set
Darkscreecher Akkarai to Defiler's Plate Girdle (level 58)
Defiler's Plate Greaves to Direhorn mounts
Diremaul to Dredgemire Leggings
Dreg Cloudsweeper to Egg-Lift Talisman
Egg-O-Matic to Enchant Shield - Spirit
Enchant Shield - Stamina to Expansion 1
Expansion 2 to Felwood Furbolgs
Felwood NPCs to Flesh-scaled Bracers
Flesh Beast's Metal Greaves to Frost Ward
Frost Warder to Gavinrad the Dire
Gavinrod the Dire to Gloves of Restoration
Gloves of Saintly Blessings to Gold Pickup Schedule
Gold Power Core to Grimnok Battleborn
Grimnur Stonebrand to Halu
Halvdan to Hellfire peninsula
Hellfire ramparts to Hinterlands
Hinterlands Honey Ripple to Ice Protector
Ice Revenant to Inscribed Band of the Kirin Tor
Inscribed Buckler to Jevan Grimtotem
Jewel to Kill Command
Kill It With Fire! to Large Hoof
Large Iron Bound Chest to Lieutenant Maeve
Lieutenant Mancuso to Lorewalker Cho
Lorewalker Ruolin to Makaba Flathoof
Makael Bay to Matrix Punchograph 3005-D
Matron to Misty Reed Strand
Misty Shore to Musselback Sculpin School
Must Deconstruct Faster to Night Dragon's Breath
Night Elf to Onslaught
Onslaught Armor to Patch 0.8 (Release Notes)
Patch 0.9 to Perenolde
Perenolde Tiara to Polished Jazeraint Armor
Polished Lava Coral to Pyron
Pyrotechnics to Razorsaw
Razorscale to Relic Hunter's Cord
Relic Hunter Belt to Robes of the Water Spirit
Robes of the Watery Savior to Sage's Boots
Sage's Bracers to Scarshield
Scarshield Acolyte to Selenium Chain
Selenium Loop to Shard of Pirouetting Happiness
Shard of Pirouetting Happiness (2010) to Simone's Head
Simone Cantrell to Solais
Solakar Flamewreath to Springtail Crag
Springtail Gnasher to Stormsnout
Stormsnout Hide Boots to Swiftness Potion
Swiftness of Zanza to Techniques
Techno Mage to The Gunblade
The Hakkari to Thornflinger
Thorngrin The Tender to Topper McNabb
Topps to Turalyon's Gauntlets of Triumph
Turalyon's Gauntlets of Triumph (heroic) to Urchin
Urchin's Pants to Vest of Abomification
Vest of Ashes to Warchief's Legguards of Heroism
Warchief's Legplates of Carnage to Whisperwind
Whisperwind Grove to World Event
World Events achievement to Yellow Moth
Yellow Moth Egg to Эстарриэль

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