Sparklematic 5200

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Sparklematic 5200

The gnome washing machine.

A slot-machine like contraption in The Clean Zone of Gnomeregan that gives a quest (Neutral 15 [30] The Sparklematic 5200!), takes Grime-Encrusted Objects plus 3Silver and returns a gift with random items in it (usually some kind of mineral, ore or stone).

A plaque on it reads:

"Grime and residue ruining your sparklies? The Sparklematic 5200 puts the shine back in shine-tastic! Insert the item you wish to clean and deposit three silver coins in the coin slot. Give the Sparklematic 5200 a moment for operation, and voila! Your valuables will emerge clean and shiny!"

Note: If you have a lot of Grime-Encrusted Objects, you can use the other machine along the wall while waiting for the animation on the other one to finish for faster results.

Some uncommon items may appear from the Grime-Encrusted Objects; one of these is a necklace (the Gnomeregan Necklace of ----)

The Sparklematics start the following quests:

See Gnomeregan NPCs.

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