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Sparklematic 5200

The gnome washing machine.

The Sparklematic 5200 is a slot-machine-like contraption in The Clean Zone of Gnomeregan, used to wash the grime off of Grime-Encrusted Objects.

A plaque on it reads:

"Grime and residue ruining your sparklies? The Sparklematic 5200 puts the shine back in shine-tastic! Insert the item you wish to clean and deposit three silver coins in the coin slot. Give the Sparklematic 5200 a moment for operation, and voila! Your valuables will emerge clean and shiny!"

The Sparklematic offers a quest (Neutral 15 [30] The Sparklematic 5200!), which takes one [Grime-Encrusted Object] plus 3Silver and returns a gift with random items in it (usually some kind of mineral, ore or stone). This same operation can be repeated with the repeatable (Neutral 15 [30] More Sparklematic Action).

It can also clean the [Grime-Encrusted Ring].

There are multiple Sparklematics in the Clean Zone. Since the grime-washing takes a little time, it can be more time-efficient to use more than one machine to clean many objects.

Two uncommon items may appear from the Grime-Encrusted Objects: the [Gnomeregan Amulet] and [Gnomeregan Band].

The Sparklematics start the following quests:

See Gnomeregan NPCs.

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