Spanks is a monkey that runs around in Nesingwary's Expedition in Northern Stranglethorn. For some reason he dies all of a sudden in front of a tent with kodo skulls just right of Ajeck Rouack's tent. this could be because one of the hunters in the camp, most probably a Nesingwary Hired Gun, shoots him, but because of a small bug no one does anything to Spanks.

Spanks' activities Edit

From Wowhead comments:[1]

  • He spawns at the tent near Ajeck Rouack (the one with the skulls),
  • ...goes for a swim
  • ...visits the graveyard
  • ...walks near the front gate and scouts
  • ...runs off to the bridge to the east and stops to rest at a ancient rock
  • ...then goes trough the river and passes the nearby graveyard
  • ...then again runs of into the river and heads back to camp
  • ...once there he goes over to Sir S. J. Erlgadin's tent
  • ...then takes a stroll along the fence making a circle around the base
  • ...jumps on top of the big tent once he is near it
  • ...after a small break on the roof, he jumps down
  • ...and goes to Ajeck Rouack's tent, walks around it
  • ...then heads home and dies.

He respawns after 30 seconds and repeats the whole process.

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