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The Soulbound Keepsake is an altered version of the [Keepsake of Remembrance], a personal item of Ras Frostwhisper.

The Keepsake of Remembrance was a personal item belonging to Frostwhisper when he was still human. The character turns it into a Soulbound Keepsake by laying it on Menethil's Gift where remnants of Frostwhisper's soul linger from his transformation into a lich.

Later, the character uses it against Ras Frostwhisper, the lich, to make him mortal, before slaying him permanently.


A version of this item is provided for - and is an objective of - the quests

A second version of this item is provided for the quest Neutral 15 [60G] The Lich, Ras Frostwhisper.

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