Attacks and abilitiesEdit

  • Frostbolt Volley - Throws frostbolts at everyone nearby for around 2,000.
  • Shadowbolt Volley - A volley of shadow bolts for 2,000.
  • Fireball Volley - A volley of fireballs, which also applies an debuff for around 200 a tick.


These come in later pulls of Spell Shade groups. They should be either burnt first or tanked out of LoS of the raid to prevent the volleys. The volleys have a max range, so healers and ranged DPS can stand out of range. Hunter traps seem to be resisted or they even seem to be immune to traps.

They are immune to Shackle Undead and Curse of Tongues.


Reputation: Provides 15 reputation with The Violet Eye.

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