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Sonic Blast
Ability hunter pet bat
  • Sonic Blast
  • 20 yd  range
  • 2 min cooldown
  • Instant
  • Emits a piercing shriek, stunning the target for 2 sec.
Usable by
TypeOffensive, Utility
Cooldown2 min
Related debuff
Ability hunter pet bat
  • Sonic Blast
  • Stunned.
  • Duration: 2 seconds

Sonic Blast is a special pet ability that only bats can use, enabling them to stun targets from range.

Patch changesEdit

  • 0500Mists-Logo-Small Patch 5.3.0 (21-May-2013): Bat pet family’s Sonic Blast now has a cooldown of 2 minutes, up from 1 minute.
  • 0300Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.2.0 (04-Aug-2009): All ranks of Sonic Blast now properly have an 80 Focus cost.
  • 0200Bc icon/0300Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.0.2 (14-Oct-2008): Added.

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