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Inv gauntlets 61
  • Socket Gloves
  • 5 sec cast
  • Requires Cloth, Leather, Mail, Plate
    [Blacksmith Hammer]
  • Reagents:
    [Saronite Bar] (4), [Eternal Shadow]
  • Permanently add a socket to your gloves. Requires a level 60 or higher item.

    Cannot add more than one socket to an item. Can only add a socket to your own armor, and adding a socket binds the item to you. The added socket requires that you maintain 400 blacksmithing or it will become inactive.
  • Requires Blacksmithing 400

Socket Gloves is a Blacksmith-only skill to add a socket to their own gloves.


This skill is learned at a Blacksmithing skill of 400 for 4Gold 50Silver.

Materials required:
Inv ingot yoggthorite
4x [Saronite Bar]
Inv elemental eternal shadow
1x [Eternal Shadow]

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