Snake (battle pet)

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Were you looking for: the Snake critter?
Pet type beast
Ability hunter snaketrap
Rat Snake
Pet Level 1
Family Beast
Start health 152
Health 1400 (at level 25)
Speed 293 (at level 25)
Power 276 (at level 25)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Cageable No
Breed(s) Unknown
Found in Dustwallow Marsh, Eversong Woods, Feralas, Ghostlands, Howling Fjord, Loch Modan, Nagrand, Northern Stranglethorn, Sholazar Basin, Silverpine Forest, Terokkar Forest, Westfall, Zangarmarsh, and Zul'Drak


Name Level Damage Healing Duration Cooldown Accuracy Type
[Bite] 1 20 100% Pet type beast
[Hiss] 2 10 4 turns 100% Pet type beast
[Burrow] 4 35 4 turns 80% Pet type beast
[Poison Fang] 10 15 5 turns 100% Pet type beast
[Counterstrike] 15 30 2 turns 100% Pet type humanoid
[Vicious Fang] 20 15 100% Pet type beast


Capturing a Snake is a requirement for the Battle Pet achievements:

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