A Smoke Flare is a pyrotechnic device used primarily to mark a location on the terrain. The Smoke Flare item does this by placing a smoke column object on the terrain.

Any placeable object can mark terrain, but in order to be useful the marking object must be:

  • Visible over a distance - in WoW, the Smoke Flare smoke column are as visible as any large object gets.
  • Persistent - the Smoke Flare smoke columns persist for five minutes.

Some uses that people have come up with:

  • marking locations for raids
  • smoke bomb the Flag Rooms in the Warsong Gulch battleground
  • props for floor shows and fashion shows


Smoke Flare PC Source NPC Source Vend Price Quantity Other Source
Inv misc missilesmall white [White Smoke Flare] Engineering (335)Alliance 15 Bossi Pentapiston <Engineering Supplies>
Neutral 15 Qiff <Engineering Supplies>
Neutral 15 Skyguard Pyrotechnician
Neutral 15 Viggz Shinesparked <Engineering Supplies>
Limited (3)
Limited (3)
Limited (3)
Limited (3)
Inv misc missilesmall red [Red Smoke Flare] Neutral 15 Skyguard Pyrotechnician10SilverLimited (3)
Inv misc missilesmall green [Green Smoke Flare] Engineering (335)Neutral 15 Qiff <Engineering Supplies>10SilverLimited (3)
Inv misc missilesmall purple [Purple Smoke Flare] Engineering (335)
Inv misc missilesmall blue [Cannoneer's Smoke Flare] Horde 15 [71] Guide Our Sights
Smoke Flare Schematic Source Vend Price Quantity Bind Reputation required
Inv scroll 03 [Schematic: White Smoke Flare]Alliance 15 Feera <Engineering Supplies>
Horde 15 Yatheon <Engineering Supplies>
Horde 15 Captured Gnome <Item Repair>
Neutral 15 Wind Trader Lathrai
Limited (1)
Limited (1)
Limited (1)
Limited (1)
Inv scroll 03 [Schematic: Green Smoke Flare]Neutral 15 Fedryen Swiftspear <Cenarion Expedition Quartermaster>6GoldUnlimitedBoPCenarion Expedition - Friendly
Inv scroll 06 [Schematic: Purple Smoke Flare] World drop

Notes Edit

The crafted and vended Smoke Flares do not bind, and can be bought and sold at the Auction House.

All of the Smoke Flares share a five second cooldown, including the quest item.

The Smoke Flares are cheap recipes for increasing engineering skill from 335. The White Smoke Flare is the cheapest, lacking a dye, and the White Smoke Flare schematic is the most readily available. It's skill up chance starts out at yellow at 335 and turns green at skill 345.

The Red Smoke Flare was apparently planned to be an engineering crafted item. The Armory lists ingredients[1], and the item can be placed in an engineering bag.

There was a Inv misc missilesmall blue [Blue Smoke Flare] in beta, but it has not been made available in the live game.

Unlike the Hunter Flare ability, Smoke Flares do not influence stealth detection.


  1. ^ World of Warcraft Armory: Red Smoke Flare. Blizzard Entertainment. Retrieved on February 10, 2009.

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